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A cost-effective solution for organizations looking for guidance toward sustainable and predictable growth

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Get yourself some strategic marketing expertise without the commitment of a full-time executive. A few hours a week, a day a month can make all the difference.


Whether you are aiming for more (cost-)efficient operations, employee retention, or preparing someone for succession, let me guide your marketing team to lasting excellence.


In situations where you are without or in between a commercial leader due to leave or other reasons, I can step in to ensure continuity in your Commercial efforts. Or even help you find a new one.


Get some Sales & Marketing experience in your (advisory) board to help you guide your company in the right direction or to act as a soundboard for your Go To Market (GTM) team.


You can blow your whole marketing budget on your marketing tech stack alone. But what do you actually need as a bare minimum? With a few smart choices, you can get maximum ROI.


New CVI? EOL CMS? A new sitemap? You don´t have to spend €50K on a new website. I can help you with a structure, project plan, and Project Management for fast delivery.

Who is InboundBas?


Hi, I am Bas. For more than 16 years, I have gained experience working with Marketing, Sales, and Leadership in International B2B Technology organizations, currently as Vice President of Commercial Operations with B2B SaaS Company AskCody. 

A people-oriented individual, I thrive on translating strategy into action. My strengths lie in coaching, fostering people's growth, and streamlining processes. I am a structured, optimistic troubleshooter who is deeply committed to effecting change. Colleagues often depict me as an effective collaborator, a team player, and a skillful facilitator.


  • Vice President of Commercial Operations, AskCody

  • Marketing Director, AskCody

  • Customer intelligence, MAN Energy Solutions

  • Manager Marketing Automation, Milestone Systems

  • Email & Content Marketing Manager, Milestone Systems

  • Business Development Manager, Ingram Micro

  • Senior Product Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro

  • Sales & Marketing Consultant, Spike Cycling

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Don't take my word for it

“Bas is the right person to reach out to when you want to develop your work and ignite your results with HubSpot. He knows everything that's useful and he won´t swallow your whole budget”

“I give my best recommendations for any organization, who want to conduct data-driven marketing campaigns or obtain more efficient communication with their customers and/or sales leads”.

“Bas has the remarkable ability to read the room accurately which translates as spot-on insights and analyses, making him the great strategist that he is”

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